GetAppData — source

I didn’t want to have to retype all the information I entered into iTunes Connect while creating webpages for my iOS apps. To get around this I threw together a quick php script that scraps the iTunes site and pulls out all your data including icons and screenshots.

Feel free to use or edit as you wish, just give me a mention.

testAppData($page) — echos back the scraped data with tags.
$AppData = getAppData($page)
Where $page is the full url to your app on iTunes.

It returns an array with the following properties:
$AppData[Title] — The title of the app.
$AppData[Screenshots] — An array of screenshots. Already populated into img tags. You can pull just the source by using $AppData[Screenshots][x]->src
$AppData[Icon] — Your apps icon.
$AppData[Price] — The set price formatted with a dollar sign.
$AppData[Category] — The category your app is located in.
$AppData[ReleaseDate] — Released or Updated date of your app. It’s prefaced with either “Updated:” or “Released:” The date format is D Month YY.
$AppData[Version] — Version.
$AppData[Size] — size in MB.
$AppData[Language] — Set language.
$AppData[Rating] — App store rating.
$AppData[RatingDescriptions] — An array of your rating descriptions formatted into listed items.
$AppData[Description] — The description of your app.