xBox180 – Backwards compatibility guide for xbox
Released: 15 September 2012
Price: $0.99 (Cheap!)

xBox180 - Backwards compatibility guide for xbox
Version: 1.0
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Language: English
Category: Utilities
Rated 4+
The xbox 360 is backward compatible, but only to a certain extent!

Will that original xbox game you just bought work on the 360 or did you waste your money?

Now there’s an easy way to find out!
You can either:
-scroll through the list
-search by name
-or quickest and easiest: SCAN THE BARCODE!!!! (that deservers four exclamation points.)

Yeah you can look this information up online, but what if you don’t have any network signal.
Yeah you can download a list, but it’ll take you forever to look up the game you’re trying to find.

Just think, now instead of getting stuck with a game you can only use as a coaster (or frisbee I guess), you’ll only buy games you can play!